Kollaborative Spielmechaniken…

“Opposition. Oh, say the politically correct. Those bad, icky games. They’re so competitive. Why can’t we have cooperative games?”
– Greg Costikyan (1994), “I have no words & I must design”

Hier ist ein Link zu einer kleinen Liste von Spielmechaniken (Englisch), die den Wettkampfcharakter eines “Jeder-gegen-jeden” etwas aus dem Spiel heraus nehmen können:



Über Wey

My name's Wey-Han Tan, I graduated 2007 as Diplompädagoge (educational scientist) in Hamburg, and 2009 as M.A. in ePedagogy Design. Currently I work at the project "Universitätskolleg" as scientific assistant at the Faculty for Educational Sciences, Psychology and Human Movement at the University of Hamburg. My research interests are game based learning, second order gaming, media theory and (radical) constructivist approaches. I like pen-and-paper-roleplaying, especially in contemporary horror settings like "KULT" or "Call of Cthulhu".
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