What is the goal of this course?
That depends on what goal you set out for yourself. As theories go, we will have a look at the interdependence of culture, medium and knowledge in general, and specifically from the perspective of an educator, artist and medium designer.

  • Please use this blog and its starting points for browsing and for collecting ideas, associations, concepts.
  • The ‘tasks’ are proposals, and not obligatory in their phrasing or focus. If you have a more interesting take on the problem tasked, take it and share it with the course.
  • Depending on your previous knowledge, this course is just an introduction to pedagogical media theory; and as the medium-form-concept (Luhmann) suggests, just one of many possible – as well as your interpretation of it.
    I suggest taking pedagogical media theory as a customisable tool to connect culture, media, design, ethics and education.



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