Starting points

There are six starting points to this course’s topic. There is a sequence to topically structure communication and collaboration in the blog, but feel free to browse by interest.

  1. Pedagogical Media Theory
  2. Culture
  3. Medium
  4. Learning
  5. Games and Comics
  6. Design (Project) (under construction)

“Ethics” has no chapter of its own, though it is from my point of view an important aspect of Pedagogical Media Theory and medium design. It reverberates with any of the topics.
Ethical meta-decisions are a key element in Heinz von Foerster’s “Metaphysics”, a paragraph in his lecture “Ethics and Second-Order Cybernetics” about decidable and undecidable questions.

Texts or media marked with [XXX] are important ones, [XX] signify a “nice to have”, a single [X] stands for interest-driven content.

The parts revolve around some key questions, which may be central to ePedagogy Design – Visual Knowledge Building:

  1. How are knowledge, skills, attitudes connected to media and culture?
  2. What is the task of a teacher/designer according to the first question?
  3. How can media, can a medium specifically and generally be utilised to support this task?
  4. Where lie the dangers, alternatives and paradoxa in these questions and in possible answers to them?


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