Science, gender and advertisers: Contextmarkers

The European Commission for Research and Innovation started an initiative on June 21st 2012 to get girls into scientific careers: “Science: It’s a girl thing!”
(See the link “questions about our videoclip?” for some background infos)

A video clip was produced by an ad agency for about 100.000 Euros. This clip was meant to raise interest in the age group of 9-13 year old females.
It worked exceptionally well as a viral campaign on what context markers not to use to create the context “Women as sciencists”.
With other words: The video – unintentionally – succeeded as discussion starter because it failed to use the right contextmarkers (whatever these are).

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Again: Two approaches to initiate education, one obvious to inform and integrate; and one to question invisible medio-cultural givens.

Addendum (July 5th 2012):
On July 4th 2012 the german newspapers are all posting articles on the campaign. It had thus been highly successful as awareness-raiser. See e.g. this (google translated) article from “Die Tageszeitung” (taz): “Failure is Pink”

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