Course: Mode of collaboration

For a quick poll some proposals – what form do you prefer this course to be?
Please comment!

(A) Courseware: Best for combining study with high RL workload and tight RL schedules.
– asynchronous communications only, preferably to resolve technical problems or to receive evaluation of solved tasks
– referencing other students’ posts or communication with other students is optional
– tasks and projects to be tackled individually

(B) Clubhouse: Best for regular RL schedules with moderate communicative load.
– mostly asynchronous communications, some synchronous sessions for clarification and brainstorming
– regularly given tasks tackled individually, but welcoming referencing and commenting on each others ideas
– projects tackled in groups or individually, according to preferences of language and interests.

(C) Classroom: Best for connecting to other students, getting new ideas and orientations.
– regularly given tasks tackled in small groups or in cooperation by all students
– regular synchronous communications like text- audio- or video-chat, with collaborative working spaces like shared documents or mindmaps
– tasks and projects to be discussed, then tackled in small groups or the whole course.

(D) I’d like it ot be like a…
Feel free to propose something different or a mix of the above.

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My name's Wey-Han Tan, I graduated 2007 as Diplompädagoge (educational scientist) in Hamburg, and 2009 as M.A. in ePedagogy Design. Currently I work at the project "Universitätskolleg" as scientific assistant at the Faculty for Educational Sciences, Psychology and Human Movement at the University of Hamburg. My research interests are game based learning, second order gaming, media theory and (radical) constructivist approaches. I like pen-and-paper-roleplaying, especially in contemporary horror settings like "KULT" or "Call of Cthulhu".
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4 Responses to Course: Mode of collaboration

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  2. noora says:

    Hi Way and all,
    first thing: I tried to post on the dramatis personae – but the site says it is passowrd protected, I put the same password there and loggin in to this, but didn´t get anywhere, why?

    I would propose a mixture of all those I guess – but I am not sure what was the time window we will do this course exactly. I am only able to attend online discussions and posting, in the evenings and more free after 17th April, before that I have many projects going on. With this course I personally would like to somehow tackle how photography, weelbeing, media developments are connected – as I have made lots of studies in psychology, social psychology, photography and art therapy, so would like to combine those somehow. When it comes to tasks I wish we will always have enought time for reply+produce, a week is quite little. Also I wish all the info + assignements would be presented in compact way, as sometimes if you start by having a huge load of text to read it is already unmotivating. Learning from videos is multisensory, more effective! So good link lists e.g. are useful.

  3. jenniferramirez says:

    I agree with Noora, we can combine all of them and organize in some way that when we have meetings everybody can attend and participate. I also feel that this course has lots of potential and will be very nice if we can learn from different media.

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