Improv Everywhere: Frozen Grand Central Station

For inspiration: Frozen Grand Central Station, a flashmob intervention by “Improv Everywhere”.

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There’s already a hint on ‘blind spots’ of specific media:
“Another thing we learned at the Home Depot mission is that it’s really tough to convey this idea through photographs. Everyone is frozen in place in a photo.”

Charlie Todd (2008), founder of “Improv Everywhere”

We don’t expect a photograph to move – do we?

Culture is a medium, and a medium, as any other media, will become ‘visible’ if it stops working. So, what if nearly everybody else starts acting… strange? As Voltaire stated:
“Madness we call the illness of the brain, that keeps a man necessarily from thinking and acting like the others.”

– Voltaire quoted in Foucault (1977), „Wahnsinn und Gesellschaft“, S.176, translation by Tan
“The others” – these are today encountered in new media.

“If there’s nothing wrong with me… maybe there’s something wrong with the universe!”
– Dr. Crusher (“Star Trek: The Next Generation”, “Remember Me”)

Another nice intervention of Improv Everywhere, this time decisively dealing with a social blind spot. In the expensive vacational area of Aspen, Colorado, there are only 0.44% afroamericans…

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