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Welcome to “Shaping Media”, Larisa and Raine.

Some introductory notes A medium is not restricted to being a technical device, like a radio, a newspaper or a browser. Any conceptual space that enables us to identify, interpret and generate signs in a specific, meaningful manner can be … Continue reading

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Notes on the chat-session from May 23rd

Some words on Noora’s project Noora presented her project idea (she’ll post a more specific description later on), helping dysfunctional families in danger of losing their child by decree of the youth welfare service by providing them a means to … Continue reading

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April 4th: Blind spots – We do not see that we do not see.

Yesterday Kaie, Noora, Jennifer and me had a videochat via Adobe Connect. Despite some minor technical problems it went quite well, and turned up some basic directions this course may take. Probably a good starting point to approach the interdependece … Continue reading

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April 1st: Culture and medial blind spots

As Torsten Meyer and Christina Schwalbe state, the use of media, the form of education, and the notion of knowledge are shaping and being shaped by the culture they are part of. As an introduction to the blind spot connected … Continue reading

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Mar 17th: A Society in (Educational) Turmoil

Maybe you already know the videos by Fisch & McLeod or by RSA Animate on Ken Robinson; they are both also prime examples for different visualisation techniques for different content. It seems that something has changed, that something needs to … Continue reading

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My proposal: How to work with material and tasks

Working on tasks and material in a personalised way The six big text chunks of “Starting Points” were meant as an introductory overview and  thematically ordered contextualisation of Pedagogical Media Theory. Well, these are just starting points. They need connections. … Continue reading

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Course: Mode of collaboration

For a quick poll some proposals – what form do you prefer this course to be? Please comment! (A) Courseware: Best for combining study with high RL workload and tight RL schedules. – asynchronous communications only, preferably to resolve technical … Continue reading

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Protected: Dramatis Personae

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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