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Thoughts on “A Short Introduction to Stereoscopy”

Raine, I have a question for clarification, since you mostly seem to refer to photographic images or cinematography when talking about stereoscopy: Is your interest in stereoscopy restricted to recorded/replayed linear content (= e.g. movies), or does it also include … Continue reading

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A Short Introduction to Stereoscopy

First of all I must state that I am by no means an expert in the field of 3D, but merely strongly interested in that realm and trying to learn about it as much as I can. So at the … Continue reading

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Welcome to “Shaping Media”, Larisa and Raine.

Some introductory notes A medium is not restricted to being a technical device, like a radio, a newspaper or a browser. Any conceptual space that enables us to identify, interpret and generate signs in a specific, meaningful manner can be … Continue reading

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