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My name's Wey-Han Tan, I graduated 2007 as Diplompädagoge (educational scientist) in Hamburg, and 2009 as M.A. in ePedagogy Design. Currently I work at the project "Universitätskolleg" as scientific assistant at the Faculty for Educational Sciences, Psychology and Human Movement at the University of Hamburg. My research interests are game based learning, second order gaming, media theory and (radical) constructivist approaches. I like pen-and-paper-roleplaying, especially in contemporary horror settings like "KULT" or "Call of Cthulhu".

Regis Debray – communication and transmission

Regis Debray’s biography is quite colorful and is connected to Marxism and political activism, to McLuhan and to pedagogical media theory. Debray, Régis. Transmitting Culture. Columbia University Press, 2004. A short text on Debray’s Mediology by Lauri Heikonen, ePedagogy Design … Continue reading

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Thoughts on “A Short Introduction to Stereoscopy”

Raine, I have a question for clarification, since you mostly seem to refer to photographic images or cinematography when talking about stereoscopy: Is your interest in stereoscopy restricted to recorded/replayed linear content (= e.g. movies), or does it also include … Continue reading

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Welcome to “Shaping Media”, Larisa and Raine.

Some introductory notes A medium is not restricted to being a technical device, like a radio, a newspaper or a browser. Any conceptual space that enables us to identify, interpret and generate signs in a specific, meaningful manner can be … Continue reading

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An exhibition as a pedagogical medium

Noora asked about my opinion on how to arrange an exhibition for her project. I’ve never arranged an exhibition – but from my point of view (as was the topic of the seminar), an exhibition is a pedagogical medium: You … Continue reading

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Some notes on the chat session from July 2nd 2012

I talked with Noora about the conditions of art, intercultural/multicultural understanding, and her project of photography of empowerment. There are two elements of an effective setting to learn/experience/change that are often described by educational scientists, one element to be explicitely … Continue reading

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Science, gender and advertisers: Contextmarkers

The European Commission for Research and Innovation started an initiative on June 21st 2012 to get girls into scientific careers: “Science: It’s a girl thing!” (See the link “questions about our videoclip?” for some background infos) A video clip was … Continue reading

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About “closure”

“Closure” is a cognitive prerequisite for reading comics, as explained by Scott McCloud – but this holds also true for all media and the cultural medium. It may be also valuable for your project approaches, for the ‘space of (re)action’ … Continue reading

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Some notes on the chat session from Jun 11th 2012

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Gregory Bateson: learning, teaching, intervening

Two monks were watching a flag flapping in the wind. One said to the other, “The flag is moving.” The other replied, “The wind is moving.” Huineng overheard this. He said, “Not the flag, not the wind; mind is moving.” … Continue reading

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Some notes to Kaie’s notes…

Getting amazed and seeking amazement “…teenagers (or adults too) (…) it takes more effort to keep up the curiosity lets say in Arts, because there are so many other things in life for them – friends, relationships, movies and so … Continue reading

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Notes on the chat-session from May 23rd

Some words on Noora’s project Noora presented her project idea (she’ll post a more specific description later on), helping dysfunctional families in danger of losing their child by decree of the youth welfare service by providing them a means to … Continue reading

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Notes for Noora

Creating and finding spaces “a space for change” – Noora This is a nice phrasing: A ‘space for change’ may either describe a defined space where change can happen according to given rules – e.g. to put up posters on … Continue reading

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